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Guelma Old Calama


1st day :
    - The ancient theater
    - The archaeological garden
    - The museum of the resistance
    - The Roman terms
    - Statuary of May 8, 1945
    - Place of March 19
2nd day :
    - Turned to the factory of the carpets and the embroidery
    - Visit of the ancient site of Nechma Aïn (Haridi Saïd)
    - To continue on the recreational forest until Aïn Safra
    - To complete the preview on the surroundings by the Roman fountain and the vestiges to El Bania.
3rd day :
    - Complex thermal Hammam Debbagh and cascade
    - Complex thermal Hammam Ouled Ali
4th day :
    - Native House of chairman Boumediene.
    - Ruins of Jenân Seghir
    - Dolmens and haouanets of Satha (township of Roknia)
5th day:
    - Underground lake
    - Picturesque runaround overhanging the plan of water of the dam of Bouhamdane.
6th day:
    - Excursion in Ghaar Djemaa
7th day:
    - Engraved rock
    - Thibilis

You can spend your nights, during your residency, either in the hotel Mermoura in Guelma or to one the thermal complexes, according to your choice.

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