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Hike in the Gourara

The big western erg is a continent of dunes. To the verge of the big erg and to the foot of arid cliffs, a rosary of palm groves form a stream of greenery. Of this green torrent, is born Timimoun, the most important oasis of the Gourar. It is characterized by an architecture of Sudanese type. The dunes of the big western erg can achieve until 120 m of height and can culminate to 673 m. This one is delimited at the north by the Atlas of the Sahara, to the East by the M'Zab, to the south by the platter of the tadmaït and to the west by the oases of the Touat and the Saoura wadi. To the foot of Timimoun the sebkha spreads, former salty lake, today to dry, fields of harvest and beautiful roses of the sands. To the couer of the erg, many villages oasis with often of big strong castles of stone or clay (ksar) where nowadays again, is held an ancestral life style. The architecture, the legendary hospitality, the handicrafts... makes of the Gourar a region that attracts many visitors. A region where the displacement in méharée is common.


1st day :Welcome to the airport of Timimoun. You are transported directly in 4x4 toward your first bivouac in Aghlad where is chameliers and camels.
2nd day until the 6th day : Formation of the trailer and departure through the big western erg culminating to more of 600 m where the dunes appear soon batched in compact massifs, soon aligned in parallel linkages separated by big passageways. You will nearly discover in a silence palpable, the most beautiful oases and the ksours where the modes of ancestral lives are preserved. The intinéraire suggests itself thus: Annoys Sandjane, Tanza, Bordj Aïssi, Teghnaya and end in El Mabruk for the last bivouac in the dunes.
7th day : Return on Tmimoun in 4x4 and installation to the camp. Visit of the city (Ksar, museum, oasis). Night in Timimoun.
8th day : Morning in city then transfer to the airport of Timimoun for the embarking.

The circuit containts
- Frame French-speaking touaregs - Mattress froths
- Transportation: by camels - Level: for all (about 4h walk/day)

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