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Tamanrasset the capital of the Hoggar

Capital of the Hoggar, the magic of the nature of the Sahara, one invites you to achieve your dream to discover paradisiac and attractive sites.
Nature : The nature in Tamanrasset unveils the secrets of the beauty of the Sahara, of the dunes of sands gilt, of the miraculous oases, of the mountains that seem to be torn to the Moon and the shooting sources of water. We invite you to visit
    - The atakore and its orchards, are sources of Tahabourt, the cascades of Imlaoulaouène and Afilals, the dunes of Amedrore, Akar Akar, Ihaguen, Ilamen, Mertoutek, Tahat highest mount in Algeria (2918m),Tagrira, Tazrouks, Tihifsts, Tahaggarts, Tin Akachakers, In Salehs and its woods petrified, the red erg and of other landscapes that challenge the imagination.
Climate : The wilaya of Tamanrasset enjoys an of the Sahara, moderate and dry climate in iver and hot in summer.
Fauna and flora : The tourist wealth in Tamanrasset counts more 300 vegetable cash of African, tropical and of the Sahara source. We will quote between other the acacia radiana, the wormseed and Myrica... When to fauna one finds different cash of gazelles, cheetahs and vipers...
Historic vestiges : Tamanrasset is considered in the open like a historic museum. It invites you to visit the stations of the engravings and rupestrine drawings to: Gueltet Issak Arasseses, Aguenars, Adrar Imizighens, Outouls, Hirafokes, Intakouofis, Ain Dalaghes, Gueltet Ahoures, Idekels, Ideleses, Tadjekerts, Tafedests, Tamanrassets, Tazrouks, Youf Ahakites, Youf Aghelals, the sites of Tidikelt and Ain Guezams... You can also visit the tomb of the queen Tin Hinane in Abalessa, the church of the father Foucauld to Tamanrasset and his/her/its hermitage to assekrem.
The handicrafts : Tamanrasset is reputed for wealth and the diversity of his/her/its handicrafts, thanks to the availability of the matter prmière and the creative mind of its artisants. The main activities of the region are: the tannery, the ironworks, the earthenware, the texture to basis of hairs of goats, the dinanderie and the traditional jewelry made of silver.
Gastronomy : The traditional dishes are rather spiced and bold, although all ingredients are local (meats of camels, semolinas, vegetables, dates), among the dishes that one invites you to taste, El mingled in red sauce, the couscous and grills.
Local feasts : Among the feasts of the region, we will invite you to: Tafsit, Assihar and Ziarate of the holy men such the ziara of In Salah, the ziara of Adaghmoli....


1st day : Arrived to the airport, transfer in Tamanrasset, bivouac to the foot of the mountain of wood petrified.
2nd Day : Departure for the Assekrem, to eat lunch at noon in the Afilal guelta, arrives in the afternoon to the Assekrem to admire the sunset since the location of the camp.
3rd Day : Coming down of the Assekrem, to eat lunch to the guelta of Imaloulaouan; passage in Tamanrasset to nourish in diesel. Tamakrast, bivouac.
4th Day : Departure toward the Tassili of the Hoggar, the lunch at noon in the Eghargharre wadi then to revert to the track to achieve the place of Elghassour, bivouac.
5th Day : Departure toward Tagrara, to eat lunch at noon in Tin-akachakeur the forest of stone, the afternoon, crossed then of the Tagrera landscapes Tagharlmamte bivouac.
6th Day : To eat lunch and visit of Tahagart rupestrine engravings of Tin-Tarabine; evening to the bivouac Issalane bin by trailers on the Road of Niger.
7th Day : In way of the Mount Gautier, the lunch at noon in the Kylian erg; bivouac in the evening in the Mount Gautier.
8th Day : Alidama way and while crossing the Mankhour Ténéré by the Berliet road, the lunch and the camp of Alidama in Mankhor.
9th Day : Departure for Elberg, to eat lunch at noon, then crossed of the landscapes varied Elbarkats,; bivouac in Elberdj.
10th Day : Visit of the engravings and the rupestrine paintings of Elberdj; the afternoon, road toward Moula-Nagua.
11st Day : Tinmerzougua way; to visit the rupestrine paintings and crossing of the various landscapes; Tinmerzougua arrived in beginning according to noon, the camp to the foot of the big dune.
12nd Day : Departure for the Indjaran Canyons; paintings and engravings rupestrine visit of Abouhadyene, to eat lunch in the dunes of Inzaouatene the bivouac of in the evening in In-Djaran.
13rd Day : Way in Djanet; to eat lunch on the road, arrived to Djanet in tour afternoon, the city in the beginning; Tegharghart bivouac next to the combustion of "cow that cries."
14th Day : Transfer to the airport for the departure.

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