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        Discover Biskra


1st day :
    - Welcome of the group to the road railway station of Biskra and to the airport
    - Transfer to the hotel Ziban
    - Pose Coffee
    - Diner
    - Evening animated by folkloric troop
2nd day: Djemorah - Ain Zâtout
   • Township of Djemorah
    - Beautiful oases surrounded by mountains
    - Village of Blessed Souike and the Roman ancient press (tickets money).
    - Village of Gueddila (mineral sourc)
   • Township of Ain Zâtout
    - Old village
    - The traditional mill to oil / press to oil.
    - The most important historic site of the national revolution.
    - Return to the hotel and diner.
    - Animate evening
3rd day: Loutaya - El Kantara:
   • Township of Loutaya
    - Dam Manbae El Ghozlane
    - Picnic, traditional dishes,
    - Tourist paths
    - Traditional activities
   • Township of ElKantara: visits of the most important tourist sites
    - Roman bridge
    - famous and marvelous grooves
    - Roman ruins
    - Museum Libidag
    - Oasis of palms
    - The three villages(dechra) red, black, and half notes
    - Unit of earthenware and ceramic
    - Picnic flat gastronomic "Chakhchoukha Biskria"(traditionnal meal)
    - Free visit to the center city and shopping, purchase of the tourist products, gifts of memories...
    - Return to the hotel, diner
4th day: Lichana - Foughala - Laghrous - Tolga
   • Township of Lichana
    - Zâatcha (old village)
    - Celebrate revolution (Ziban 1837)
    - Traditional activities
   • Township of Foughala
    - Palm groves
    - Ancient Oases
   • Township of Laghrous
    - Historic site (El-Emir)
   • Township of Tolga
    - Lunch (Milk + Dates)
    - The famous palmerais of Deglet-Nour
    - Zaouia El Athmania
    - Places departure of the migratory birds
    - Old city of Tolga
    - Unit of conditioning of the dates
    - Sebkha (seasonal worker) in Selga
5th day: Sidi Okba - Me ziraa - khanguet Sidi Nadji
   • Township of Sidi Okba
    - Mosque and tomb of Sidi Okba Ibn Nafaâ El Fahris and other fighters
    - Tomb of its interim Abou El Mouhadjir Dinar
    - Roman Village T'houda
    - Dam Foum El Kharza
   • Township of Mzirah (Djamina)
    - Mountain Taktiout - Lekbache
    - Historic and cultural sites
    - Roman ruins and of other interesting tourist sites.
    - Sidi Massmoudi (beautiful oasis)
    - Tadjmount (A dream site)
    - Ruins (Shelter of the Bey of Constantine)
    - Lunch traditional flat picnic.
   • Township of Khengat Sidi Nadji
    - Mosqué of Sidi Moubarek Ben Nadji (17th century)
    - Zaouia El Naciria - Zaouia Rahmania
    - Groove "Valley of the Arabic / Oued El-Arabe"
    - Old village of Khanga
6th Day : Chetma - M'Chounech - Ghoufi
   • Township of Chetma
    - Old city
    - Palm groves
   • Township of M'chounech
    - Relief and flora: beautiful view of valley and palms through a chain of mountains "white valleys"
    - Groove of the white valley / Oued Labyadh
    - Traditional activities: visit of the earthenware unit ceramic UPC
    - Museum Sidi El Haouas
   • Township of Ghoufi
    - Beautiful view of landscape
    - Balcan of Ghoufi
    - Palm groves
    - Lunch traditional flat picnic

7th day : El Hadjeb - Oueled Djellale - Sidi Khaled
   • Township of El Hadjeb
    - Ain Ben Naoui
    - Zone of sand cure
    - Cure thermal Hammam El Baraka
   • Township of Ouled Djellal
    - Roman sites
    - Historic ruins (periods of colonizations)
   • Township of Sidi Khaled
    - Mosque Sidi Khaled
    - Tomb of Haizia
8th Day: Biskra    • Township of Biskra
    - Lunch (gastronomic dish: Doubara)
    - Old Market - Souk
    - London garden (Flora)
    - Mosque city M'sid - classified zone
    - Hammam Salihne
    - Hammam El Djrab : Dermatosis
    - Tomb of Sidi Zarzour (situated at the heart of the valley)
    - Gardens date palms
    - Zoological park
    - Return to the hotel
    - Diner
9th day :     - Transfer to the airport / road Railway station

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