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Thermal Complex Hammam Salihine Biskra

Situation : This complex is situated in the urban cloth of the wilaya of Biskra. It is implemented on the road axis of Batna.
The region enjoys a dry climate with one sweet and hot winter. The sun nearly shines constantly all along the year. The sweetness of the climate and the séchresse of air permit to bind the effects of a climatic cure to those of the thermal processing. These natural elements give him the stature of a wintry station.
Chambres : For the guests, the complex offers :
     - 72 air-conditioned bangalows equipped with TV
     - a hotel of 48 chambers of which communicating chambers, endowed with all commodités(TV with acceptance satellite, telephone, refrigerator,room of bath,)
     - a social hotel of 33 chambers
     - thermal hotel of 29 chambers acclimated
Nature of waters : The waters of Hammam Salihine are sulphurized sodium chlorinated t with strong content suffers some. They emerge, to the source, to a temperature of 43°C,.
Therapeutic indications of the thermal cure :
     - Rheumatic and sequelae of trauma
     - gynecological disorders (some of sterility)
     - Respiratory (asthma, sinusitis, ..)
     - Dermatological (eczema, acnées ..)
The complex also has cures of discount in form and weight-reduction as well as care to the card but always under medical surveillance. With its facilities, its facilities and its space, him deumeure a center ideal for the stake to the green sporty.
Services et restaurants :
     - gastronomic Restaurant of 100 table settings
     - Restaurant for persons taking the waters at a spa of 200 table settings
     - Cafeterias
     - Room of entertainments of more than 500 places
     - Swimming pool
     - Parklands
     - Night club
     - Boutique
     - Parking lot
     - Pieces of land of sport

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