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Complex thermal Hammam Righa

Situations : Situated to about hundred kilometers to the west of the upper case, the spa of Hammam Righa owns a history several times centennial since the discovery of the thermal baths would go back to the year 44 before Jesus Christ. These are the famous Calidae Aquae mentioned by Antonin in sound Itirénaire .
Hammam Righa enjoys an exceptional geographical position, situated in a mountainous and wooded region, safe from the big winds and the big cold weathers,: the temperature is lower to 35° in summer and superior to 10° in winter. Righa is especially indicated for the reconstruction of the psychosomatic balance.
Lodging : The Zaccar hotel, to the sought-after architecture offers the apartments and the chambers of has big status, endowed with all wished comforts. Righa also has bungalows provided of kitchenettes, capacities beds : 780 beds.
The thermal baths : The thermal waters of Righa are the saline, sulphated, calcium waters, retiring to a temperature of 68° and 44°, and are favorable in the chronic rheumatic affections, the affections dermatologiques. The cures of weight-reduction as well as the functional rehabilitation are undertaken there also under medical check. Righa is endowed with a thermal equipment most sophisticated :
    - Room of physiotherapy
    - Room of mechanotherapy
    - Room of pouliotherapy... ect
Sporty probation periods : Righa is also a particularly interesting place for the sportsmen. Thanks to its greatly advisable dry climate for the oxygenation, Righa is to 640m the sea level, its structures of accompaniment and a coverage medical spcécialisée are réunits for the success of sporty probation periods.
Leisures : The hobbyists of accords will also find in Righa a piece of land auspicious to their passion thanks to its theater in full air, its cafeterias and his/her/its boutiques, friends his/her/its bracing walks through marvelous gardens in terasse, of the hikes in forest and the possibility to bathe in the superb spans of Tipaza. The enthusiasts of the nature, the museums and archeology, will be able to visit Tipaza to the famous Roman ruins, Cherchell, the city to the unforgettable museum or Miliana vlle of the one thousand and an orchard.

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