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Thermal complex Zelfana Ghardaïa

Situations : It is at the center city of the tourist township of Zelfana, distant town of 65km to the East of the chief place of the wilaya of Ghardaïa that is located the public corporation thermal Zelfana(E.P.T).
This spa knew since its start a large and increasing tourist activity thanks toits sources, its hotels, its swimming pools of hot water, and its places of detent and walk.
Base in 1975, the establishment was the first structure in its gender to be operated to the profiles of the persons taking the waters at a spa of the mineral waters of Zelfana to the numerous kindness of health.
Mineral arrangement of the waters of Zelfana :
     - Flow: strong
     - Potential hydrogen: 6.5
     - Temperature: 41.5 °
     - Dry residue (mg): 18.10
     - Calcium: 163
     - Magnesium: 61
     - Sodium: 518
     - Potassium: 22
     - Chloride: 497
     - Sulfates: 518
     - Bicarbonates: 165
     - Nitrate: 15
Essential Disorders: Neuro-Respiratory
Secondary disorders: Rheumatic, gynecological, dermatological
Main mineralization: Sodium Chloride
The establishment comprises the bathrooms, collective and individual, of the swimming pools, highly and all equipped, as well as of the modern tourist bungalows to one or two chambers equipped with conditioner, heating, telephone and parking lot.

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