Tourist Circuits in Algeria

Sara Travel propose on you circuits for discovering the natural splendor of Algerian desert ,of the cities and ancient sites by dicovering and knowing their history from numidian time till nowadays

Forest Thistle  
Guelma Old Calama


This circuit proposes you to visit the city of Guelma, its historic sites as well as its spas. For more informations



Forest Thistle
Discover Biskra


The wilaya of Biskra is known for the fertility of his/her/its soil, its civilization, its knowledge, its culture and its religious radiation center, as well as for its flourishing tourism. For more informations


Forest Thistle
Discover El Kala


Ornithological sites of very high quality exist in Algeria, often unrecognized in Europe: it is in particular the case of the national park of El-Kala situated to the Northeast of the country, to the border with Tunisia. For more informations


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